Thomas Dolby

One of Our Submarines - Thomas Dolby w/Salz
First Released: 2003


Eventhough this album does not contain any new material from Thomas, it contains many interesting interpretations of the song One of Our Submarines by contemporary electronica artists.

The picture on the cover shows Thomas Dolby's uncle, Stephen Spring-Rice (1920-1943). He and his crew died on a manoevre in their submarine besides the battlefields of WWII.

For the release of this CD, there was a limited release of CDs and covers signed by Thomas.

Submarines - Cover Picture


CD: 2003 US (Lost Toy People; LTP002)

Track Listing:

1. Salz Remix 9:01
2. Thomas Dolby Live Mix 5:34
3. Hardfloor Remix 6:20
4. Paul Sebastien Remix 6:23
5. Ricardo Villalobos remix 12:52
6. Threshold Project & Jan Kha Alphamix 6:55
7. Salz Dubmix 6:47
8. Akufen Remix 9:54