Thomas Dolby

First Released: 2002


This is the most recent new recording from Thomas. To make this "gift" even more special, Thomas personally signed 1000 of the CDs and covers. These were sold exclusivly at There was also a selection of non-signed CDs available.

More recently, it appears this CD has been re-released on the Salz label with a different cover.

Forty - Cover Picture Forty - Insert Picture
Forty - Alternate Cover Picutre

Liner Note:

"These songs were recorded live over two nights at the end of the Twentieth Century. I thought my fortieth birthday was a pretty damn good reason to dust the cobwebs off my patchbay, fire up the old Fairlight and throw a party for my friends in a shed by the ocean in half Moon Bay, Ca. My partner in crime was Brian Salter, keyboardist and EWI player supreme, who helped me throw the set together with only a few days' notice. We played the same songs again later at a Millennium ball in Whistler, B.C. where we were joined onstage by Caroline Lavelle and Leslie Adams.

"At both gigs we ran a tape off the mising board. A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to listening to the tapes, and guess what, they didn't sound half bad. So MattLevine helped me mix them in his garage, and I burned 1,000 CDs to send out as Christmas presents to, well, everyone I could think of. I hope you enjoy the music!"

Thomas Dolby
December 6th, 2001


CD: 2002 US (Lost Toy People; LTP001)
CD: 2003 DE (Salz; SALZ05CD)

Track Listing:

001: The Ability to Swing
002: Screen Kiss
003: I love You Goodbye
004: I scare Myself
005: One of Our Submarines
006: My Brain is Like a Sieve
007: Hyperactive